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The BenchIT-Core is the part of BenchIT that is necessary to setup BenchIT and do measurements.

Folder structure

When you list all the files in the main-directory, you'll get the following picture:

                    usage development
   benchit           -     -             interactive execution on command line (out of use)
   benchit.c         -     x             source file of the BenchIT-Core
   bienvhash.c       -     x             source file of the BenchIT-Core
   bin/              x     x             contains the compiled kernels ready for doing measurements
   COMPILE.SH        x     x             script to compile a kernel
   doc/              x     x             some documentation
   gui/              -     x             not a part of the BenchIT-Core, see BenchIT-GUI for more details
   GUI.SH            x     x             starts the BenchIT-GUI
   interface.h       -     x             defines the Interface that BenchIT-Kernels and BenchIT use for interaction
   jbi/              -     x             java environment
   kernel/           x     x             contains the BenchIT-Kernels
   LOCALDEFS/        x     x             information about the system
   output/           x     x             output directory
   progress/         x     x             default location to store progress information files of running measurements
   RUN.SH            x     x             script to run a kernel
   tools/            x     x             tools to simplify the usage of BenchIT


The Localdefs consist of 3 files containing measurement options and information about the system BenchIT runs on. They are automatically created when you first start BenchIT and can be modified by the user. More information can be found here


A kernel is basically the test funktion used for the measurement. More information can be found here


The interface is used for the interaction of the BenchIT-Core and the kernel


Some tools are provided to make using BenchIT easier.