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General shortcuts:

  • F1: Help
  • F4: Reload Kerneltree
  • F5: Reload Resulttree
  • <CTRL-O>: Options
  • <CTRL-L>: switch to LOCALDEF-mode
  • <CTRL-D>: switch to DB-mode
  • <CTRL-E>: run selected kernels
  • <CTRL-Q>: quit

Editor Shortcuts:

  • <CTRL-F>: Find (case-sensitive search)
  • <CTRL-G>: Go to Line
  • When editing is available (not when analyzing a result-file)
    • <CTRL-C>: Copy
    • <CTRL-X>: Cut and Paste
    • <CTRL-V>: Paste
    • <CTRL-S>: Save