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LOCALDEF files (short LOCALDEFs) is a bundle of three files per system specification. It consists of the files

  • <nodename>
  • <nodename>_input_architecture
  • <nodename>_input_display

<nodename> is the nodename of your computer, if the nodename has some '.'s in it, the only used name is the one before the first '.'.

The Files


In nodename all compiling and runtime attributes are set. E.g. the Compiler, Flags, OpenMP-Variables and so on


In this file all archiecture information is written, which is used for comparing different results on our website and in the GUI.

To receive information about your system, you may use tools like hwinfo[1] (under Debian, SUSE, UNIX, Solaris) or lshw[2] (under Mandriva,...).

Both, hwinfo and lshw are placed in the directory /usr/sbin (by default) and should be run in root-mode. While the information gathered with lshw is large, the output of hwinfo is collosal. To avoid "unnecessary" output, use the flags --cpu (for CPU-Infos), --bios (for Cache-Infos) and --memory (for Memory-infos).


This file contains information about how the results should be plotted with gnuplot.